Thursday, August 20, 2009

placing new caches

Well, I've spent this summer away, but that doesn't mean I haven't been looking for those hiding spots.
I despise as a cache placer/owner the thought of having to place caches in parking lots, around phone booths, under public benches in busy bus stops, so I look for rural cache locations. So far I've been lucky as none of mine are in the city or even towns! They are in out of the way spots that are fun to visit.
Meaning that you might have to drive, but hey, that is part of the fun right?

New cache containers are in store, I've gotten a nice stock of them ready to go for one spot.
I'm still debating the idea of a stage cache nearby that will allow me to do a "look for me".
Otherwise this location is large enough to get 2 caches for the price of one. We will just wait and see. I've also been working on a new hiding technique, if I do place it, it will be a 8 or 9 on the hide scale, but it only goes to 5, so........ The evil rating will be a 12....on a 10 scale.... you getting the hint yet?

So, keep your eyes pealed!

Off Road Driver, mis-te-que

Nothing like Backseat Driver, and the "Gee-I'm-A-Tree" stand in for Geometery.
Sooner of later the full secret of Backseat will come out, but not for some time. The only hint I would give is that it was a math problem, basically GEOMETRY that would solve the cache for you. It puzzled a few.
As to Off Road Driver, its been over 1 year now and no one has found it. I see people look for it more and more, but no luck for finding it. I'm sure sooner or later it will be found. I don't visit it much in the summer, once spring bloom hits, I hate the idea of going in there to find it, but I've done it.

I've received a few emails in regard to more hints. I can tell you that its a tricky one. I'm a model maker and can do some neat things. Let me just say that the last time I checked on it, it took me 10/15 minutes to FIND THE THING! Does that tell you anything? haha, so get use to looking.

I will say this as well, if you don't want a true hunt, then don't go looking. I tire of the emails asking why or asking to just tell them the location or type of container. WHY? Its a 5 for a reason and if you don't like that, then don't look. Hey, this is a sport/hobby that is suppose to be fun and if you don't like these type finds, then why bother?

Go, look, have fun!

More caching

Well, its been a LONG TIME. So, the other afternoon I took my son out and we found a cache. Nothing big, but I had to do a bit of cache maintenance, so I figured what the heck.
No GPS, just Geosense and well, we found it.
Wasn't hard, it was a quick park, look, grab, sign and replace. But it was a cache find.
This summer hasn't been real friendly to caching, but hey sometimes you just have to do what life lets you.

I see there are a few new caches in the area, but I see many have vanished. I allowed my Premium membership to lapse for a couple reasons, one being I never fully saw the benefit of paying to when their site is slow as SNOT and more times then I care to count is hard to get onto. Plus there just wasn't the benefit otherwise. I could count on one hand the total of premium caches and I never used the other features.

I turned all the PREMIUM MEMBER caches I had into basic caches, so have fun with them people.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Backseat Driver, what happened!

Well, some have asked what happened to Backseat driver? Well, it is GONE.
I gave up the fight to get it back. I can't help it we have a rogue reviewer with no interest in asking questions. Something I have no respect for.
As to the current status. Its gone. Yup, when I was running into town last week I pulled upon its location to find the farmer had cleared the area and took with it Backseat! It was a nice run, but its over. Dunno if I will place anymore caches. Funny how one rogue reviewer can kill ones interest in the hobby. I'm willing to be they looked for it and could find it.

I stop and think about all the geolitter/abandoned caches and wonder if this was the case in other cachers. Perhaps. Anyone else noticed the slowing number of caches claimed and placed?

Nothing new

Well, almost. Thanks to "BlackJohnson" there is a cache in our honor. Well, we didn't get to make the FTF on it, but its there and should make a nice mate to "OFF ROAD DRIVER" if you chose.
Other then that, we haven't done a thing yet. Just been too busy in life right now!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frustration and just being pissed....

Last Monday I got online and found an email from a caching friend, they wanted to know why my cache "Backseat Driver" GC1DGZA had been archived. I didn't know what he was talking about because I hadn't been that far into my emails, but sure enough there it was, a note that my cache was being archived.
So I went and read the note left by the reviewer (not the same one that published it) and found that he claimed he had received complaints about this cache and was tired of it and just going to archive it. Well, you can read the postings on this, just go look at it.
So, I just couldn't understand this. I've found that normally when people have issues, they email you directly and move forward from that point. I had never once received an email stating that anyone had an issue. I couldn't understand why it would be archived without a single word to me from ANYONE. I hadn't heard a peep.
Me being curious I sent a nice note to the reviewer that archived the cache to see what the deal really was. Needless to say, I am still waiting on a response from said reviewer, and 3 emails later I have yet to hear a peep.
The cache doesn't violate a SINGLE rule, there aren't any questions about it, PERIOD. Its a nice right of way cache on top of that.

This cache is however a tough 5 star cache, that isn't easily found. I believe the last person to find it even admitted that they found it by luck. In their email to me they stated how they enjoyed it and liked the hide itself.
I've actually received a great deal of support on this. Even from a couple people I don't know. Via forums and on the cache page itself.
I guess some just don't like the tough nature of 4/5 star hides.

To further my questioning of this issue, I noticed that one cache I have been watching is now a month past a "needs maintenance" issue and NOTHING has been done to it.
I also notice another cache that is located on a federal postal sorting center that shouldn't be there hasn't had anything done to it. I've noticed several caches that are currently down for maintenance that have been such for months, still are just setting there.

So, why the rant.... I'm just wondering if someone got pissy about not finding backseat and complained over and over and get my point.
I've had a theory for a short time now and all this did was add fuel to it.
I don't need to say too much more. Its just given me less of a thrill to even want to hide more caches. I even have a few nice locations too..OH WELL...

That was fun...

The other evening we had a chance to get out to find a few caches. We grabbed our book with cache info in it and went on about finding them.
We found the first cache and it was interesting, a matchsafe with a hook on it in a tree. I saw it when we pulled up and it was quick. I figured a good sign for the day. The next location was a high muggle area, and we moved on, the next location left us a little baffled and finally we gave up, figuring we were missing something and would find the data when we got back home. Sure enough, I figure we will get it on our return trip. We headed onto the next location and upon arrival to the COORDS figured quickly that the COORDS and clue didn't add up. Using the clues, I quickly located the cache, but had to wait for muggles to depart.
Next cache was a "beyond" cache and we didn't find it, needless to say, I know the location now, I guess another scouting trip for this one.
We found a few more, 2 total earth caches and wrapped up the trip on a cache that when we arrived home, found to be archived. Oops.!

It was a fun 8 finds for the day..... Should have had 2 others, possibly 4 more, but oh well...